The rules provide optimal calibration laboratory knowledge test process

The following requirements in the contract services optimized knowledge-based calibration laboratories are testing process:

All natural and legal persons (Customers who request service calibration laboratory test processes are optimized knowledge-based) Terms of service accepted.

  1. Calibration of the client requests must be made in writing. Providing calibration services, according to the facilities available in the laboratory testing process will be optimized knowledge-based.
  2. Optimal calibration laboratory test process based on the license number NACI / Lab / 362 by the National Center for Accreditation of specialized calibration service provider is the. Hence, if you have the equipment required to service or repair, the company will be responsible for providing the services or repair service.
  3. Laboratory testing process optimization, equipment included in the scope of their accreditation by national and international standards and in accordance with the procedures and technical guidelines for internal calibration is stopped. در صورتی که مشتری درخواست انجام کالیبراسیون تجهیزات خود را بر اساس استاندارد یا دستورالعمل خاصی دارد، لازم است درخواست کتبی خود را قبل از شروع انجام کالیبراسیون و یا در زمان تحویل تجهیزات ارائه نماید. Laboratory test results of the optimization process to notify the customer in writing or his representative will. Until the proposed review of customer equipment will be accepted for safekeeping.
  4. Services include laboratory calibration adjustment, maintenance, repair, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of microbiological instruments not. Therefore, before sending it to the laboratory equipment, should the foregoing be considered.
  5. Responsibility for the maintenance of equipment sent to the laboratory efficiency testing process involves only the optimal laboratory is owned spaces. Therefore, the responsibility and the cost of transporting equipment from the customer premises to optimize laboratory and vice versa, the customer is responsible. Equipment that will be sent for calibration should have appropriate packing. Obviously, the laboratory responsible for any damage caused by the lack of appropriate packaging during transport as well as delays in receiving equipment, not.
  6. If the customer would like to carry insurance or professional packaging equipment by third-party companies have need of before sending equipment, to declare in writing to the company.
  7. All equipment at the time of delivery to the laboratory for detailed examination dumped into. In case of technical difficulties in the process of calibration, to immediately inform the client or his representative will be.
  8. The proposed calibration of the company, 12 months. Heating definitive calibration according to OIML D 10 And determined by the customer. Re-calibration date of the written notice constitutes acceptance of the proposed calibration period-is.
  9. Call for Price calibration equipment that has not, according to the price list valid testing process will be calculated Seo Company. If the customer or his representative at the time of acceptance of price lists submitted to him in elderly.
  10. If the client or his representative after three months from the date stated for receipt of equipment, delivery and settlement to complete the notification, the surplus equipment diagnosis and process optimization test will be autonomous in any decisions about equipment.
  11. Confirm calibration cost to the customer (Or on the website.) VAT is not included.
  12. The cost of accommodation and transportation experts for calibration on the customer, the customer will be charged.
  13. If the number of equipment under calibration is greater than the number requested in the contract, the unit cost will be applied to any device.
  14. If reducing the workload (If the failure of the customer), The difference between the final value of the contract as the cost of undergraduate fees will be added in the final invoice.
  15. Price calibration equipment can not be calibrated for any reason (Or rejected based on international standards) Are known, will be received in full. Optimal calibration laboratory test process is responsible for repair and servicing of the equipment.
  16. Book workmanship and guide the calibration equipment should be available at the customer site.
  17. Optimal Calibration Laboratory Process Laboratory performs the process of adjusting some of the equipment that is allowed to perform it according to the internal instructions and does not charge a fee for adjusting and recalibrating this equipment..
  18. Equipment and calibration certificates are subject to pony factor services. Seo Company account number to deposit the testing process is as follows:.
    Account number "0103819247001", number of nights:AND 77 0190 0000 0010 3819 2470 01 The bank branch Ashrafi Esfahani 4595 called "The Company optimized test process."
  19. Laboratory testing process is optimized in accordance with paragraph 4.1 of ISO / IEC 17025 , Declare its neutrality on the calibration equipment. In accordance with paragraph 4.2 of this standard, the lab ensures all customer data (Except for customer information that is publicly available) Confidential. Clearly, if requested legal organizations, the relevant documents with customer information will be provided to these organizations.
  20. In the event of a dispute between the customer and optimize the process of testing, initially will attempt a dialogue and a friendly resolved, if possible, resolved not through arbitration National Center for inspection and eventually refer to reference Saleh court of Justice, the matter will be pursued.