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Calibration Laboratory equipment Gas Corp

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Calibration Laboratory equipment Gas Corp

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Services Qualification (OQ, PQ) Laboratory devices, especially spectrophotometers, pH meters, autoclave chamber temperature, chamber temperature and humidity, Karl Fischer, Polarimeter, HPLC, GC
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Provide educational and practical workshops in quantity, temperature, mass, volume, pressure, chemical
Advice regarding the equipment and lab setup calibration
Calibration Laboratory equipment Gas Corp

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Temperature calibration service delivery quantities, mass, humidity, pressure, volume, density, dimension, distance, refractive index (ESR)Conductivity measurement of fluids, and absorption wavelength photometry (Spectrophotometers and Turbidimeters) Devices HPLC, GC, IC, TOC, AND, FTIR, BOD, Particle Counter, DO, Bvtyrvmtr, viscometer, Polarimeter, titrator, Karl Fischer, chlorimetry reported no hoods and laminar


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