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Frequently Asked Questions

What is calibration?

كاليبراسيون مجموعه عملياتي است كه تحت شرايط مشخص، ميان نشاندهي يك دستگاه يا سيستم اندازه گيري يا مقدار يك سنجه اي مادي يا ماده مرجع و مقدار متناظر آن كه از استاندارد هاي اندازه گيري حاصل مي شود، رابطه اي برقرار مي كند. كاليبراسيون اجازه مي دهد كه مقدار اندازه ده را به نشاندهي نسبت داده يا ميزان تصحيح لازم را نسبت به نشاندهي تعيين كنيم.با كاليبراسيون ممكن است خواص اندازه شناختي ديگري نظير اثر كميت هاي تأثيرگذار نيز تعيين شود.نتيجه كاليبراسيون ممكن است در مدركي ثبت شود كه it is called calibration certificate or calibration report. In general, the determined calibration error

What factors determine the calibration period are included?

According to international standard OIML D10 (The frequency of calibration is a guide) Many factors are effective in determining the calibration period, most notably as follows:

۱- Type of equipment

۲- Manufacturer recommendations

۳- Information on the changes in the values ​​obtained from the calibration records

4-condition equipment maintenance

– The duration and frequency of use of equipment

۶- Work environment(Temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.)

۷- To accurately measure

۸- Price calibration

۹- How to Navigate

Notes on calibration process is?

۱ – Equipment Identification

۲ – Accredited calibration method

۳ – Calibrated eligible

۴ – Using appropriate equipment

۵ – Traceability (Traceability)To international standards.

۶ – Having the right environmental conditions

۷ – Set of equipment error

۸ – Calibration Certification

۹ – Issuance of calibration labels

۱۰ – Installing calibration labels

Traceability traceability

Its potential value is measured with reference to a standard or the result of a national or international through continuous chain of comparisons, all of which have certain uncertainty. Tracing an unbroken chain of comparisons chain say.

Accuracy of measurement (accuracy of measurement)

Near agreement between the result of a measurement and the true value of ten..

Inclination measurement (bias of measurement)

Close to the result of the measurement and reference value.