Mehdi Norse person – Director Manager
۱) Graduate master's degree in physics from Sharif University of Technology
۲) Standard expert in the field of metrology, weights and measures (Temperature and humidity)
۳) Vice President of the International Committee of OIML TC11
۴) Basic Gzarkalybrasyvn HPLC equipment, GC, IC, Particle Counter, Polarimeter, Karl Fisher, TOC, FTIR in Iran
۵) The holder of ISO lead auditor 9001 from BRS USA company
۶) The holder of ISO 17025 lead auditor of the company QAL
۷) SPRT calibration and TC certified training from the national standards body of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Adding)
۸) Certified training device for determining surface tension (Tensiometer) The company dataphysics Germany
۹) A member of the calibration of Water and Wastewater Engineering Company
۱۰) Member, Fluke Corporation
۱۱) The fifth chapter Editors Turbidity in drinking water
۱۲) Particle counter calibration certification training for air and liquid from Sujing China, Climet and Metone America
۱۳) TOC certified training company ATOTEST
۱۴) CEO and is responsible for optimal lab testing process

Tahereh Taslimipour – Board of Directors Member – technical manager
1. A graduate master's degree in chemistry from the University of Imam Khomeini International
2. Master quantities calibration in the field of chemistry
3. The holder of ISO certification 17025 Of the Organization WFSO
4. The holder of the position of Director of Quality Standard ISO 17025 The company pioneers Frapvya
5. Working with the holder of the Institute of chromatography devices Standard
6. Certified Calibration Particle Counter devices company Shanghai Sujing Sojiang
7. Member, Fluke Corporation
8. Certificate of calibration and Particle Counter devices from the company Climet America
9. Member, Thermoscientific
10. Participate in special workshops Trouble shooting chromatography devices