A clearance certificate optimal lab testing process
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Reissue Standard certification ISO/IEC 17025:2017 From the Accreditation Center of India nabla

Standard certificate ISO / IEC 17025:2017 In March 2016 by the Credit Center of India NABL تچدید And in The Center's site it placed.

Laboratory re-evaluation process and issuance of international certification ISO / IEC standard 17025:2017 It started in November 2016. Re-evaluation on the 29th and 30th of Azar by three evaluators (More than 50 hours of evaluation) It was done by remote evaluation method. Calibration of all items in the certification was performed by laboratory experts and under the supervision of evaluators, uncertainty calculations and certification were seen by auditors at the same time.. The strength of the laboratory in this assessment was said to be the experts in performing calibration and calculation of uncertainty as well as up-to-date and reliable equipment..

The big challenge was to assess the initial non-approval of the calibration period of some equipment, including the laboratory temperature reference sensor, which was presented after more than ten documents. (Including a written recommendation from the manufacturer) Accepted by the NABL Certification Center and finally issued the laboratory certification in March.

Based on the experience of the first evaluation period, updating the calibrated equipment with a higher accuracy class and performing their calibration at the time of evaluation, this laboratory was able to improve many of its CMCs, especially in the field of temperature, mass, volume and force..

Calibration of hydrometers by Cuckow method with CMC = 0.00017 g / cm3 (In the range of 0.6 to 1.85 grams per cubic centimeter) Approved by evaluators.

By reaffirming and updating the ISO / IEC standard certification 17025:2017 The credit institution in India(nabla) Approved by the MEDICINE می باشد؛ آزمایشگاه دانش بنیان بهینه فرآیند آزما همچنان قادر خواهد بود علاوه بر ارائه خدمات به آزمایشگاه های آزمون و کالیبراسیون در داخل کشور که به الزام نیازمند خدمات کالیبراسیون بین المللی بوده اند، ارائه خدمات به کشورهای همسایه را نیز انجام دهد.

The download link for inspection:

https://nabl-india.org/nabl/index.php?c=search&m=searchlabcertificate&cno = 6869